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CETS: The Future of Seed Potato Production is Now!

“CETS Controlled Environment Phytotrons”

  • ·       Yields zero pathogen potato nuclear stock AstroTubersTM
  • ·       Thousands of AstroTubersTM from a single plant for initial field
  • ·       Phytotron operate is climate and season independent
  • ·       Economical operation & production costs
  • ·       Unique software for programming optimal environmental conditions
  • ·       Production of other crops can be developed by special order

CETS Tech an innovative seed potato technology for production of disease free minitubers (AstroTubersTM) and increased profits. CETS patented Phytotron is a controlled minituber production environment of 15000+ minitubers within a 64 sq ft environment each year.