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ORIGIN: HiLite Russet was released in 1987 by Northwest Potato Sales, Inc. of Kennewick, Washington. It was found as a mixture in a variety Butte field near Ashton, Idaho. The variety was patented in 1988.

CHARACTERISTICS: HiLite Russet is of medium to early maturity with medium to high yields and medium specific gravity.

Plants are bushy and upright with large, dark-green and compact leaves with three pairs of large, ovate leaflets. Stems are green, winged, thick and slightly red pigmented. Flowers are white with pink pigment and orange-yellow anthers. Tubers are smooth, oblong to long, with a medium to heavy russet.

STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES: Tubers have few internal and external defects. The variety is highly tolerant to common scab and moderately tolerant to PVX, PVY, PLRV and net necrosis. It is susceptible to most fungal diseases, and very susceptible to early blight and white mold. Tubers are uniform in size with a good pack-out percentage and good baking and frying quality out of the field. Specific gravity is medium to low.