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ORIGIN: Selected in 1977 from a cross between Nooksack and ND9567-2Russ. NorKing Russet was tested as ND388-1Russ and released in 1985 by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station and the USDA Agricultural Research Service.

CHARACTERISTICS: NorKing Russet is a medium-maturing russet variety with excellent vigor and high yields of attractive tubers. It is best suited for fresh market and processing into frozen french fries.

Plants are large and upright with pigmented nodes and internodes on large, thick stems that have waved, pigmented wings and medium, clasping stipules. Leaves are large, open, and slightly pubescent. Flower buds are slightly pigmented. NorKing Russet has recurrent, pubescent calyx lobes, and red-purple corolla, large orange-yellow anthers with fairly abundant pollen.

Tubers are oblong and blocky, with medium to heavy russet skin, shallow eyes, and short, slightly curved eyebrows. Dormancy is quite long.

STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES: Yield and total solids of NorKing Russet are similar to those of Russet Burbank, with total solids higher than Norgold Russet. NorKing Russet is used for the production of french fries by several processors.

NorKing Russet is resistant to Verticillium wilt and common scab but susceptible to most viruses and other diseases, including early and late blight. NorKing Russet expresses bacterial ring rot in both the vine and tuber. Problems with hollow heart have been reported in some growing areas.