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ORIGIN: Russet Nugget was selected in Colorado from a Texas cross of Krantz x AND71609-1. It was tested as TC582-1 and was released by the Colorado and Texas Experiment Stations in 1989.

CHARACTERISTICS: Russet Nugget is late maturing and produces a medium to high yield of high quality, russeted tubers. It is well suited for both the frozen processing and fresh markets.

Plants are very large with upright growth habit. The lower stems are pigmented light red-purple with conspicuous wings and slightly swollen nodes. Leaves are large, dark green and somewhat rugose in appearance. Flowers are large and abundant throughout the season. Buds are green. Corolla is white and anthers orange.

Tubers have a heavily, and uniformly, russeted skin and white flesh. They have an oblong, slightly flattened shape. Eyes are shallow, moderate in number and well-distributed. Dormancy is medium.

STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES: Russet Nugget is resistant to most external and internal tuber defects including second growth, growth cracks, hollow heart and blackspot bruise. Percentage of U.S. No. 1 tubers is high. It is resistant to common scab, leafroll-induced net necrosis, Verticillium wilt and both tuber and foliar phases of early blight. Tubers have an exceptionally high specific gravity, a high concentration of vitamin C and good culinary and processing quality. Russet Nugget has a tendency to produce a high number of small tubers under conditions typified by high levels of nitrogen fertilizer and high irrigation. In heavy alkaline or wet soils, the tubers may develop alligator hide. Occasionally, areas of purple pigmentation may develop in the flesh of some tubers.