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ORIGIN: Selected from the progeny of a cross between BR5960-9 x ND5737-3 and was tested as BR7093-24. It was released in 1989 by the USDA and Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Colorado.

CHARACTERISTICS: Gemchip is medium to late in maturity with above average yields. Primarily grown in the northwestern U.S. for chip processing.

Plants are medium large, moderately upright to spreading. Stems are moderately thick and uniformly green. Leaves are large, broad, and dark green and have short pubescence on upper surface of midrib. Petioles are green and sparsely pubescent. Buds are green with slight red-purple at base. Flowers are few with medium large, white corolla and yellow-orange anthers.

Tubers are round to short oblong, smooth with a shallow to moderately deep bud-end. Skin is smooth but may have small scaly patches.

STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES: Gemchip is higher yielding than Norchip and similar to slightly higher in specific gravity. It is resistant to Verticillium wilt and growth cracks. It is susceptible to scab and shatter bruise and moderately susceptible to hollow heart and blackspot.