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ORIGIN: Itasca was selected from the progeny of a cross between MN304.72-10 x ND58-3. It was tested as MN12567 and released by the University of Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station and Department of Horticultural Science in 1994.

CHARACTERISTICS: Itasca is a mid-season variety with superior yields. It is well suited as a processing variety for dryland conditions.

Plants are very vigorous, semi-upright with leaves close and compact. The leaves are long, rigid and shiny both top and bottom with essentially no pubescence. Buds are reddish and flowers medium pink with small yellow anthers. Flower petals and anthers show a tendency to be irregular. The pollen is largely sterile.

Tubers are smooth, round to blocky and oblong with shallow eyes. The tubers elongate as they increase in size.

STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES: Itasca is suitable as a replacement for Kennebec. Yield and specific gravity are comparable with Kennebec but Itasca is less susceptible to scab and Verticillium wilt, much more resistant to hollow heart and has a superior appearance. It has a long rest period, stores well for late season processing and can be held at 45F for prolonged periods.

Because of the Itasca’s strong dormancy, it should be properly preconditioned prior to planting in order to insure timely emergence.