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ORIGIN: La Chipper was grown as a seedling in 1949, from a cross of Green Mountain and Cayuga. Tested as L91-78, La Chipper was released by the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station in 1962.

CHARACTERISTICS: La Chipper is a midseason variety with moderate to high tuber yield and moderate specific gravity. It is well-suited for chipping.

Plants are medium and spreading with very slightly pigmented stems, slightly swollen nodes, and prominent, single, green wings. Leaves are open, light green and slightly pubescent. Flower buds are light green. Flower calyx lobes are curved at tips, slightly pigmented and heavily pubescent. Corolla is cream in color when fully expanded. Anthers are orange with fair quantity and quality of pollen.

Tubers are more elongated than round, somewhat flattened. Skin is smooth and white with medium to deep, cream colored eyes that are fairly evenly distributed. Tuber flesh is very white. Tubers separate easily from stolons. Dormancy is shorter than La Rouge and Red La Soda.

STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES: La Chipper is well suited for processing into potato chips and possesses some resistance to late blight. It is moderately susceptible to common scab. Exposure to air pollution can result in defoliation and reduction in tuber yield. Deep eyes and irregular shape are disadvantages on the tablestock market.