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ORIGIN: A selection from a cross between USDA X96-56 x Katahdin. It was released by Michigan and the USDA in 1956.

CHARACTERISTICS: Onaway is an early maturing variety with low specific gravity and is used primarily for the out-of-the-field fresh market. It is high yielding and is grown primarily in Michigan with some production in the Northeast. Plants are medium to large and upright. Stems are large, thick and prominently angled. Nodes are somewhat swollen and reddish. Internodes are reddish, wings are prominent and extremely waved. Leaves are medium sized and green. Inflorescence is branched and flowers are pink. Corolla is small sized and pink to reddish. Anthers are orange yellow and pollen is medium to abundant.

Tubers are short and rounded. Skin is smooth and slightly flaked when mature. Eyes are medium deep and may be very deep on apical end when oversized or when grown under stress. Flesh is white.

STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES: Onaway sets and sizes tubers early and has vigorous early growth. It has very minimal internal defects but has a tendency to produce misshapen, deep eyed tubers.

It has some resistance to common scab, late blight and mild mosaic. It is very susceptible to early blight on the foliage and on the tubers. It is not recommended for storage.