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SYNONYMS: American Giant, Wisconsin Pride, Late Pride, California Long Whites, Long Whites.

ORIGIN: American Giant is claimed to have been originated by Mrs. Rachael Chapman in New York State from a seed ball of the Jackson potato in 1893. Today, the preferred name White Rose is used to designate this variety.

CHARACTERISTICS: White Rose is a medium to high yielding variety. Plants are large and spreading with prominently angled, slightly reddish-purple medium-thick stems. Leaves are medium in length, open and have three pairs of small, medium-green leaflets. Flowers are small and white with yellow anthers.

Tubers are large, long, elliptical, and flattened with smooth, white skin and deep eyes. Flesh is white. The variety is predominantly grown in California but is also produced in Washington and Oregon.

STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES: White Rose is high yielding when grown in California for the early spring and summer fresh markets and is suited for boiling, mashing and baking. The specific gravity of the tubers is generally low and tubers are prone to be misshapen and very deep eyed if plants are stressed. The variety is susceptible to most common potato diseases including wart.