J.R. Simplot-ID Reg Raw Mgr
1099 Front St., P.O. Box 9386
Boise, ID 83702-3386
Phone: 208-780-4747
Committee Member(s)
Rob Davidson (Pres ’05)
Larry Hiller (Pres ’06)/Treasurer Ex-officio
Kent McCue
Loretta Mikitzel (Pres 2015)
Phil Nolte (Pres ’10)

Finance Committee:

The Chair of the Finance Committee monitors and projects the financial status of the PAA. Working with the Finance Committee, the Chair evaluates and recommends on The PAA’s monetary matters as to their effects on the financial health of The Association. *The Chair also oversees the financial health of the Contingency Fund. At the request of the President, the Chair with the Finance Committee independently reviews periodic audits.