AJPR Cover FebruaryVolume 100, issue 1, February 2023


Remote Sensing for Monitoring Potato Nitrogen Status

Alfadhl Alkhaled, Philip A. Townsend & Yi Wang

Review Published: 01 January 2023 Pages: 1 - 14


Echo Russet: A Russet Potato Variety with a High Yield of Marketable Tubers, High Processing Quality, and Few Tuber Defects

N. Baley, V. Sathuvalli ...  N. Olsen

Original Paper Published: 10 December 2022 Pages: 15 - 26


The United States Potato Genebank Holding of cv. Desiree is a Somatic Mutant of cv. Urgenta

Kirk R. Amundson, Isabelle M. Henry & Luca Comai

Original Paper Published: 07 December 2022 Pages: 27 - 38


Farmers Experiencing Potato Seed Degeneration Respond but Do Not Adjust Their Seed Replacement Strategies in Ecuador

Israel Navarrete, Jorge L. Andrade-Piedra ... Paul C. Struik

Original Paper Open Access Published: 21 December 2022 Pages: 39 - 51


TubAR: an R Package for Quantifying Tuber Shape and Skin Traits from Images

Michael D. Miller, Cari A. Schmitz Carley ... Laura M. Shannon

Original Paper Open Access Published: 14 December 2022 Pages: 52 - 62


Monitoring the Spread of Potato Virus Diseases in Kazakhstan

Dias Daurov, Assel Argynbayeva ... Malika Shamekova

Original Paper Published: 08 December 2022 Pages: 63 - 70


Polaris Gold: An Attractive, Yellow-fleshed Tablestock Cultivar with Chipping Potential

Thomas R. Stefaniak, Jeffrey Miller ... Laura M. Shannon

Original Paper Published: 14 December 2022 Pages: 71 - 78


Cool Soil Increases Potato (Solanum tuberosum) Tuber Number in Multiple Varieties and Alters Skin Color Intensity of ‘Red Norland’ and ‘Adirondack Blue’

Paul C. Bethke

Original Paper Published: 07 January 2023 Pages: 79 - 86


Cheatgrass Inhibits Wild Potato (Solanum jamesii) Tuber Sprouts

John Bamberg, Timothy Kazmierczak ... Alfonso del Rio

Short Communication Published: 10 January 2023 Pages: 87 - 90