Editorial Board


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Editorial Board
Rodney Cooper (Entomology)
Jeanne Debons (Cover Editor)
Samuel Essah (Production & Management)
Gina Greenway (Economics)
Dennis Halterman (Plant Proection)
Kathleen Haynes (Statistical Consultant)
Shelley Jansky (Invited Reviews)
Hector Lozoya-Saldana (Spanish Translation Editor)
Kent McCue (Physiology)
Roy Navarre (Physiology)
Rich Novy (Cultivar Descriptions)
Silvia Rondon (Entomology)
Sagar Sathuvalli (Breeding & Genetics)
Kiwamu Tanaka (Plant Protection)
Richard Veilleux (Breeding & Genetics)
Jonathan Whitworth (Pathology)



The Editor-in-Chief shall serve as Chair of the Editorial Board, will be responsible for oversight of the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF POTATO RESEARCH, will provide to the Executive Committee at each PAA Annual Meeting a slate of nominees for the Editorial Board, and serves as Chair of the Outstanding Paper Award Committee.

Editorial Board

The editorial policies governing publication of the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF POTATO RESEARCH shall be vested in an Editorial Board consisting of an Editor-in-Chief, Cover Editor, Statistical Consultant, Spanish Translation Editor, and such Senior and Associate Editors as may be nominated by the Editor- in-Chief. The Editorial Board shall have authority to accept any manuscript deemed worthy of publication.

Senior Editor for Invited Reviews (IR)

PAA has a tradition of deciding, on an annual basis, that it will solicit and sponsor a review. The general intent is to boost the reputation and popularity of AJPR. The mechanism is identifying an author with an impressive standing as an authority to write a review of a subject of exceptional interest to readers. AJPR Senior Editors (SE) are selected by virtue of their expertise in certain disciplines. The AJPR Invited Reviews SE is similarly selected as someone approved by the Editorial Board (EB) and Executive Committee as having the finesse to scout out and deliver invited reviews of the type desired, described above.