Sample Letter for Fund Solicitations

The Potato Association of America…

~ is the technical nerve center for the American Potato Industry

~ is the communication organization for scientific and technical professionals from both the public and private sectors. Members are from North and South America, as well as European and Asiatic Nations.

~ publishes the American Journal of Potato Research — the recognized “technical Bible” for the potato industry.

~ works closely with the National Potato Council and the United States Potato Board to supply technically correct information on all aspects of potato production, storage, handling and processing that is used in marketing and promoting potatoes and in influencing legislative decision-making that affects the potato industry.

~ is open to all interested parties including potato growers. Grower organizations find it a valuable information source. Several growers are individual members and the Association actively encourages more grower members. Several of the PAA committees benefit greatly from practical input from growers, processor field staff, and extension agents.

Preliminary Budget for PAA Meeting Expenses
(above anticipated registration fees)

Refreshments (at breaks and continental breakfasts) $__________
Meeting room costs $__________
Registration & local arrangement (contracted to conference services). $__________
Printing $__________
Registration favors $__________
Sunday reception $__________
Transportation (local & tours $__________
Wednesday & Thursday banquets and pre-banquet expenses. $__________