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As a member of The Potato Association of America, you will receive numerous benefits. Below are a few of them:

  1. Access to the highest-quality research journal in all areas of potato production, research and utilization by receiving six (6) issues of the American Journal of Potato Research, published bi-monthly; electronic access to all papers published in the American Potato Journal (1923-1996) and the American Journal of Potato Research (1997 forward) through the Springer/PAA website.
  2. A 20% discount off 'any' publication on the Springer Journal website.
  3. European Association of Potato Research (EAPR) benefits through your PAA membership: Electronic access to the EAPR journal "Potato Research", reduced registration rates at EAPR Section and Triennial Meetings. However, you will only receive printed copies of the EAPR journal “Potato Research” and have EAPR voting rights if you join the EAPR. EAPR members receive reduced registration rates when attending a PAA meeting as well.
  4. Ability to research and print off full articles from all three journals [American Journal of Potato Research, American Potato Journal & EAPR's Potato Research.
  5. Access to networking opportunities to research leaders in the potato industry and to be part of exploring the development of forming a closer collaboration with the European potato industry through meetings and online gatherings.
  6. Access to the PAA Website's Members Only section, which includes Membership Directory, Annual Meeting minutes, Section information and minutes, online access to The Journals mentioned above, and grant opportunities.
  7. Reduced registration rates ($100-125) and voting rights at the Annual Meeting.
  8. Opportunity to present research at PAA's Annual Meeting
  9. Your membership also gives you the ability to have complimentary announcements sent out through PAA e-mail, such as for job openings, upcoming meetings, new publications you've been involved with, etc.
  10. Opportunities to be recognized for contribution to plant science through yearly awards.
  11. Access to the PotatoNet e-mail/chat list which provides instant access to potato professionals from around the world.
  12. Free two-month access to the latest Focus on Potato webcasts and discounted access to the Plant Management Network’s entire suite of crop science resources. PAA members have the benefit of accessing PMN’s entire collection of 12 applied crop science resources, including archived potato webcasts, at a discounted rate.
  13. Electronic voting rights through Survey Monkey as our official means for electing the Vice President and two new 3-year Directors, and also gain responses from members concerning PAA decisions.
  14. Access to a job board for open potato positions throughout the world.

(*) The PAA Insider notification is sent by e-mail when the Insider is available online.

Postage Rates: There will be additional postage fees when purchasing back issues of Journals and they are shipped outside of the United States and Canada.

The American Potato Journal and the American Journal of Potato Research published BEFORE Volume. 85 (2008) are available for purchase at The PAA Office. Please check availability before placing an order.

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