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This is the official publication of the Potato Association of America and a benefit of PAA membership. The American Journal of Potato Research publishes the latest research on scientific information and research for which the potato is the subject. To publish an article in the journal, see

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Potato Journal – European Association of Potato Research

On behalf Springer, we would like to offer the members of The Potato Association of America (PAA) free access to the European Association for Potato Research [EAPR] journal “Potato Research“. To access this secured content, you will need to have an individual account.  Please visit SpringerLink and log into your individual account, register, or reset your password to enter your unique token access code for online access. [Editor-in-Chief: Paul C. Struik; Potato Research, the journal of the EAPR, promotes the exchange of information on all aspects of this fast-evolving global industry. It offers the latest developments in innovative research to scientists active in potato research].

[NOTE: Sign into the PAA/Springer website using your PAA password and then go to the EAPR website to access the Potato Journal.]

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North American Potato Variety Inventory [This is under construction to eventually hold a list of ALL potato varieties developed in the US and Canada)

This Publication is updated periodically with information about varieties developed in North America, including official name, year released, breeder, agency, published release data and parentage. **The most current version of this publication is August 1992**

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