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The Potato Association of America (PAA) was formed in 1913 by a handful of dedicated individuals from Maine, New York, Colorado and Washington D.C. Members are primarily from the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Latin America, but another 30 countries throughout the world are represented in the membership.

PAA History

PAA History

PAA Honorary Life Members From Maine 1953 – E. L. “Dick” Newdick 1958 – Frank W. Hussey* 1963 – Wesley F. Porter* 1967 – Robert V. Akeley* 1967 – Harry E. Umphrey* 1969 – Paul J. Eastman* 1969 – Donald C. Merriam* 1970 – […]

American Journal of Potato Research

American Journal of Potato Research

The American Journal of Potato Research (AJPR), formerly titled the American Potato Journal (APJ), is a  premier outlet for reporting of scientific advances on the potato. The AJPR is recognized internationally by contributors and readership. View the current issue’s table of contents from our […]

2013 QC OSPA winner George Lazarovits & John Bamberg, EiC

PAA In Action

PAA members are very active in their communities conducting research and participating in many outreach events. Members may submit snapshots from the field, tours or conferences by contacting our administrator, Lori Wing. We would all enjoy seeing PAA members in action.

PAA People

PAA People

Celebrating Spudwomen: Recognizing women of the industry We dedicate this month’s Industry Spotlight to the women of the potato industry. Women have been important working partners throughout the development of agriculture but at the same time agriculture has been viewed as dominated by men. […]


Recent News

  • 2016 PAA Annual Meeting

    2016 PAA Annual Meeting

    Start Planning Now for the 100th Annual Meeting of The Potato Association of America July 31 -August 4, 2016, Amway Grand Plaza, Grand Rapids, Michigan USA Website:  

  • Employment Opportunities

    Employment Opportunities

    Positions currently available in the Potato Industry: Montana Extension Plant Pathologist – 12/26/2014 Gaia Consulting Ltd Agronomist Position – 02/05/2015 McCain Agronomist Post – Burley, Idaho – 02/18/2015 Asst Extension Prof-Asst Prof of Sustainable Agriculture-UMaine Presque Isle – 02/26/2015 Tenured or Tenure-Track Res Chair […]