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The American Journal of Potato Research publishes reports of basic and applied research on potato (Solanum spp.). There are three general categories of publication:

  1. full-length articles describing original scientific research in the form of a regular publication;
  2. short communications concisely describing poignant and timely research results in four or fewer journal pages;
  3. review papers, book reviews and symposium proceedings.

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join-now2American Journal of Potato Research
Volume 93, Issue 6, 2016 – Pages 533-625

Original Paper

Interactive Effects of Fumigation and Fungicides on Potato Response to Nitrogen Rate or Timing

Keith A. Kelling, Walter R. Stevenson… Pages 533-542

Characterization and Evaluation of Potato Genotypes (Solanum tuberosum L) for Tolerance to Drought in Uganda

V. E. Kesiime, G. Tusiime, I. N. Kashaija, R. Edema… Pages 543-551

Crop Management Practices and Reduction of On-Farm Spread of Potato virus Y: a 5-Year Study in Commercial Potato Fields in New Brunswick, Canada

Tyler D. B. MacKenzie, Xianzhou Nie, Mathuresh Singh Pages 552-563

Core Collections of Potato (Solanum) Species Native to the USA

John Bamberg, Alfonso del Rio, David Kinder… Pages 564-571

Tuber Chemical Composition and Acrylamide Formation Potential in three Potato Cultivars Supplied with two Nitrogen Sources

J. G. Silva, A. P. Araújo, S. M. Vieira… Pages 572-580

Relationship between Sugars and Phenylpropanoids in Tubers from Diverse Genotypes

Rajesh K Singh, Duroy A Navarre, Charles R. Brown Pages 581-589

Manipulation of Physiological Seed Age of Russet Burbank and Ranger Russet Potatoes – Economic Evaluation

Sarad Nepal, Christopher S. McIntosh… Pages 590-601

Yukon Nugget: a Mid-Season Yellow Skin, Yellow Flesh Specialty Potato with Extreme Resistance to Potato Virus X

V. Sathuvalli, C. R. Brown, S. Yilma, B. A. Charlton… Pages 602-608

Genetic Diversity and Relationship of Ethiopian Potato Varieties to Germplasm from North America, Europe and the International Potato Center

Semagn Asredie Kolech, Donald Halseth, Keith Perry… Pages 609-619

Short Communication

Detection and Differentiation of Potato Virus Y Strains by Melting Analysis of an Oligonucleotide Virus Probe

N. Rotem, C. Shtein, A. Rosner, D. Levy… Pages 620-625