The American Journal of Potato Research (AJPR), formerly titled the American Potato Journal (APJ), is a  premier outlet for reporting of scientific advances on the potato. The AJPR is recognized internationally by contributors and readership. View the current issue’s table of contents from our publisher, Springer.

The American Journal of Potato Research publishes reports of basic and applied research on potato (Solanum spp.). There are three general categories of publication:

  1. full-length articles describing original scientific research in the form of a regular publication;
  2. short communications concisely describing poignant and timely research results in four or fewer journal pages;
  3. review papers, book reviews and symposium proceedings.


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American Journal of Potato Research
Volume 93, Issue 2, 2016 – Pages 97-201

Association Business

The Potato Association of America 99th Annual Meeting, Portland, Maine, USA – July 19–23, 2015 -
Pages 97-115

The Potato Association of America Honorary Life Members, 2015 – Pages 116-119

Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 99th Annual Meeting of The Potato Association of America,
Portland, Maine, USA,
July 19–23, 2015 – Pages 120-149

Original Papers

Salt Accumulation and Potato Tuber Yield Response to Historical Dairy Manure Applications in
South-Central Idaho

Sara A. Zglobicki, Amber D. Moore, Nora L. Olsen – Pages 150-157

Mountain Gem Russet: a Potato Variety with High Early and Full Season Yield Potential and
Excellent Fresh Market and Early
Processing Characteristics
J. C. Stark, R. G. Novy, J. L. Whitworth – Pages 158-171

Genome-wide Analysis of the Snakin/GASA Gene Family in Solanum tuberosum cv.

Vanesa Nahirñak, Máximo Rivarola – Pages 172-188

Targhee Russet: A High Yielding, Dual Purpose Potato Variety with High Protein and Vitamin C
Content and Resistance to Tuber
Soft Rot
J. L. Whitworth, R. G. Novy, J. C. Stark… Pages 189-201