The American Journal of Potato Research (AJPR), formerly titled the American Potato Journal (APJ), is a  premier outlet for reporting of scientific advances on the potato. The AJPR is recognized internationally by contributors and readers. View the current issue’s table of contents from our publisher, Springer.

The American Journal of Potato Research publishes reports of basic and applied research on potato (Solanum spp.). There are three general categories of publication:

  1. full-length articles describing original scientific research in the form of a regular publication;
  2. short communications concisely describing poignant and timely research results in four or fewer journal pages;
  3. review papers, book reviews and symposium proceedings.

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join-now2American Journal of Potato Research
Volume 95, Issue 3, 2018 – Pages 205-317

Association Business

The Potato Association of America Honorary Life Members, 2017

Carrie Wohleb…Pages 205 – 207

Abstracts of the Papers Presented at the 101st Annual Meeting of the Potato Association of America, Fargo, North Dakota, USA July 23-27, 2017

Carrie Wohleb…Pages 208 -229

The Potato Association of America 101 Annual Meeting Fargo, North Dakota, USA July 23-27, 2017

Carrie Wohleb…Pages 230 -247


Potato Tuber Greening: a Review of Predisposing Factors, Management and Future Challenges

Sabine Tanios, Alieta Eyles, Robert Tegg …Pages 248 -257

Original Papers

Economic and Risk Effects of Rotation Based on a 14-Year Irrigated Potato Production Study in Manitoba

Mohammad Khakbazan, Ramona M. Mohr, Jianzhong Huang… Pages 258-271

Transmission of Scab Resistance to Tetraploid Potato Via Unilateral Sexual Polyploidization

Shelley Jansky, David Doughes, Kathleen Haynes…Pages 272-277

An Effect of Weather and Soil Conditions and Their Interaction on Infection of Leaves and Tubers of Potato with Bacteria Clavibacter michiganesis subsp. sepedonicus

Milena Pietraszko, Grzegorz Gryn… Pages 278-285

Genetic Diversity in Argentine Andean Potatoes by Means of Functional Markers

Marcel Nicolas Monte, Maria Florencia Rey Bursco… Pages 286-300

Differential Spread of Potato virus Y (PVY) Strains O, N: O and NTN in the Field: Implications for the Rise of Recombinant PVY Strains in New Bruswick, Canada

Tyler D. B. MacKenzie, Jacques Lavoie, Xianzho Nie… Pages 301-310

Short Communications

An In Vitro Assay Method for Resistance to Bacterial Wilt (Ralstonia salanacearum) in Potato

Ippei Habe… Pages 311-316


Correction to Modification of Potato Steriodal Glycoalkaloids with Silencing RNA Constructs

Kent F. McCue, Andrew Breska, Ana Vilches… Page 317