Potato Association of America

Global Outreach

Hector Lozoya-Saldana
Dept De Fitotecnia
Univ Auto Chapingo
Apt Postal 33, Chapingo
St. Mexico  56230  MEXICO
Phone: 52-595-21500
Fax: 52-595-21500
E-mail: picti87@gmail.com


Committee Member(s)
Rob Davidson
Sam Essah
Peter Vander Zaag

This committee, appointed by the President, shall be responsible for maintaining communications and working relationships with professional societies and international potato organizations, shall report to the membership on meetings and other international activities related to potatoes, and shall encompass the guidelines and activities of the current EAPR/PAA Liaison and PAA Vision Implementation Committees.

As we enter the 21st century, the potato will play a major role in providing an adequate, sustainable, high-quality food supply for all people on earth. The PAA can and should offer its expertise to the global potato industry. This will not take place by chance. Goals as outlined in our Vision Statement and must be prioritized and programs implemented now to provide linkages between the private and public sectors, and the local and global potato community. To achieve this will require that our professional association be strong and our science solid.